Sunday, July 09, 2006

My Granddaughter ADITI

My second grand-daughter came to my world at 02-43 hours on 17th June 2006. It was the most glorious moment of my life when Arvind, my son and the proud father of the newborn, gave us a ring at 3am to give this news. My feelings knew no bounds that moment, my legs were not on the ground - I was floating, I must accept. But, how to go to the Hospital at that hour to see my darling peththi? My son came in his car and took us - problem solved! Then we saw our darling bundle of happiness.

From the moment she came into this world, for the next 3 hours or so she was wide awake, and with those smiling and bewitching eyes she was looking at us and around. What a sight that was. Like her elder cousin Sowmya, she too is always looking around - what do they see?

Her punyahavachanam and Naamakaranam functions were performed on 27th June. She has been named ADITI.

Now I have not one but two darlings - two bundles of joy, happiness. We will have our hands full in another three-four months when both Sowmya and Aditi will start recognising faces and start smiling at familiar faces. I am waiting for that moment when Aditi would recognise me for the first time as her THATHA and smile at me !!

A Proud Grandfather.
11.25am on 9th July

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