Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Granddaughters Started their Moves !

My first post in the year 2007. My two granddaughters, Sowmya (now 8 months) and Aditi (7 months) have upgraded their skill a lot since my last post in Nov 2006.

Now these two bundles of energy are crawling and also "thavazhthal" (moving on their hands and legs) They move very fast. Their radar is so powerful and sensitive that they can see a speck of dust or garbage from a distance, and presto they attack that piece of garbage next moment to put it in their mouths. We have to be extra fast to catch them !

Suddenly one day in December 2006, Sowmya started sitting on her own! Next day, as if on telepathy, Aditi too sat. Nowadays they always sit only, no lying down for these "big" ladies! So charming and beautiful they look.

Yesterday, 15 Jan 2007, Aditi started "standing", ofcourse holding on to the wall. See the proud look on her face !


16 Jan 2007

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