Friday, May 18, 2007

FIRST Birthday of SOWMYA


The first birthday of our grand-daughter SOWMYA was celebrated on 17 May 2007 at her place in Tiruvanmiyur. It was a great and happy function.

We two, Ashok, Krithika, and ADITI went there in the morning and started decorating. Earlier, on 16th, we two had gone to Mylapore and purchased a lot of decorative items. There was this cake-cutting knife which “sang” happy birth day to you when lightly pressed. And there was a musical candle too – it has a fountain of light and six or seven candles all automatically lit; these candles will also revolve around a circle, “singing” all the while. Great products, from China.

Arun, Ashok, Krithika, and Vijaya were actively engaged in decorating and the final result was fabulous. In the evening, Arun started preparing yummy sandwiches. I bought pakora, GBS brought Badam cake. The guests started arriving by 6PM; the princess was dressed and decked up. Birthday crown was placed on Sowmya’s head. A large cake and large quantity of ice cream had been purchased by Arun. The cake was ceremoniously cut by the birthday girl SOWMYA, to the singing of “Happy Birthday to you” by all the guests. She was given the first piece of cake by her appa-amma Arun and Gayathri. Needless to say, she enjoyed it.

Our other grand daughter ADITI actively participated in the decorations and she too enjoyed the evening (and the Cake). The two granddaughters were enjoying the evening.

Pieces of cake, Badam cake, pakora, and the yummy sandwich were given to the guests. After they left, we had roti, dhal, for dinner (bought from outside).

Thus the first birthday of our grand daughter SOWMYA was celebrated in a grand manner. God Bless her, Aditi, and others. The Ayushya Homam (Tamil Star birthday) will be celebrated on 4th June 2007.

18 May 2007

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