Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ayushya Homam - Sowmya


Ayushya Homam is performed for a child at the completion of one year. This Homam is done for the longevity of life for the child.

This function is performed exactly on the Tamil Star day of the birth month (Tamil month). SOWMYA, our grand-daughter was born on Pooradam star in the month of Vaikasi. Her first year completion was on 4th June this year (2007) and we performed the function on this day (4-June-2007)

First, we booked the hall for performing the function. Arun went around Adyar area and fixed a suitable hall (Welfare Assn Community Hall).

Next, we got the invitation cards printed. A brand new Card Shop opened in Mandaiveli on 29 April 2007 and we were the first customers for this shop – we printed the cards on 3rd May. Later, we distributed the cards among our relatives, personally and by post. The Caterer (M/s Iyappan) was also arranged.

Sastrigal had given a list of things to be purchased and Vijaya and I purchased these at Mylapore. New clothes for Sowmya, Arun and Gayathri were also purchased. A Pattu Pavaadai was stitched for Sowmya. Arvind and Ashok joined together and purchased a silver plate for Sowmya.

Ashok and Neeraja came from Bangalore on the early hours of 2nd Jun and all of us left for Arun’s place on 2nd itself to prepare for the function – it was a great time with Sowmya and Aditi. The perishable items like flowers, fruits, vetrilai, thengai etc were purchased on the evening of 3rd.

On the Muhurtham Day, 4th June, we all (including Aditi and Sowmya) left the house by 6-45AM. The invitees started coming from 7-15 onwards and we all had breakfast of Rava Kesari, Idli, Pongal, Vadai. (70 persons ate). The function started by 9.00 AM, with Arun in Pancha kachcham and Gayathri in madisaar.

Saathukudi juice was served for nearly 100 persons. Almost all the invitees attended the function.

The Karna Bhushanam (Ear Piercing) ceremony started by 10-30AM – the special achari came from GRT, TNagar. Sowmya sat on her mama Ramana’s lap and the achari pierced the right ear of Sowmya first and inserted the thodu. She cried wildly. Then the next ear. With Sowmya crying uncontrollably. After 10 minutes, she stopped crying.

The Lunch followed. Then everyone started leaving. We were the last to vacate the hall at 2PM.

Thus, the Ayushya Homam (also Navagraha Homam) Function of Sowmya was celebrated in a grand manner.

Ayushya Homam for our second grand daughter ADITI will be celebrated on 5 JULY 2007 at Ananda Hall, Adyar

God Bless both the granddaughters.

14:15 on 7th June 2007

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