Tuesday, July 10, 2007

ADITI's Ayushya Homam - 5 July 2007


Aditi’s Ayushya Homam was celebrated on 5 July 2007 at Ananda Hall, Indiranagar, Adyar, Chennai.

I and Vijaya got up at 4-15AM and had our bath before 4-30. Then, one by one got up. Padma akka and athimber had come the previous evening and Ashok and Neeraja came by 9-45PM.

Aditi was woken up and given mangala snanam. She wore a beautiful red pavadai – sattai. She was looking gorgeous and radiant. We went to the hall in two batches – we two and akka & athimber in 1st batch and Ashok, Neeraja, Arvind, Krithika with Aditi in the 2nd.

Sowmya, Gayathri, Arun were the next to arrive. Then TSG, mami, and others started coming. It was a good gathering, nearly 80 persons. Sastrigal mama started the rituals by 7-30 AM. The kathu kuththal function started by 8-45AM and Aditi sat on the lap of Ashok. Like Sowmya a month earlier, Aditi too cried a little. She looked more beautiful after she wore the ear studs, just like Sowmya. My two granddaughters played with each other.

Lunch was served at 10-30AM and then the guests started leaving. All of us, including Sowmya, came to Karpagam Avenue in two cars. TSG, mami, Sugavanam, Girija, Sudha, and Dhanush also came. We had a good time, talking and watching Sowmi and Aditi playing. It was wonderful.

Thus, the Ayushya Homam of ADITI was celebrated in a grand manner. God bless Aditi and Sowmya.

10 July 12:30 noon

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