Saturday, July 31, 2010

Grand Parents' Day

Yesterday (Friday, 30 July 2010) the Grandparents' Day was celebrated by Sowmya's school (LEARNING TREE) at the Sastrinagar Welfare Assn Community Hall, 5th Cross street.

We two reached the venue by 0900 itself, and Sowmya came at 0920. The function started by 0930 and there was a good crowd of thathas and paatties, all in their best clothes and proud smile on their faces! After all, it was their Pethis and Perans, and the happiness naturally  reflected on their faces.
There were a few games for the Ts-and-Ps. Everyone participated enthusiastically. Six thathas were draped in grandmothers' saris by eager kids and six paatties in thathas' veshtis. Full of fun. Vijaya took part in this. Songs and fun continued. Vijaya participated in this also, singing Kannan Engal Kannanam, Karmegha Vannanam.

The children were apparaently very fond of their Ts-and-Ps and thery beamed with joy and happiness. "My thatha, My paatti" was proudly written on their little faces ....

After refreshments to both the kids and their Ts-and-Ps, the function wound up at 11-45. A memorable morning, well-thought out by the school management.

11:10 AM
31 July 2010