Saturday, May 17, 2014

SOWMYA's 8th Birthday

SOWMYA's 8th Birthday was celebrated at Chennai on 17th May 2014. We two had gone to Bangalore that time.

The birthday was celebrated at the Besantnagar Beach early morning at 6 AM on 17th May. Cake was also cut there. Apart from Arun's and Arvind's family, Suresh, Mrs Bhanu Suresh (Gayathri's Periyappa's son - dil at Padur) and Gayathri's another Periyappa's two grandchildren also came in that early morning.

It was a nice idea from Gayathri. As usual it was ARJUN who enjoyed the most.

Photos were sent to me through WhatsApp by Gayathri and here they are ----


5 PM

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