Tuesday, October 10, 2006

How much does 5-kg weigh? (My granddaughter weighs 5 kg)

* How much does 5-kg weigh?
Yes, how much does 5-kg weigh? Did you say "oh, just 5 kg !" ? You are wrong. Totally.
Our granddaughter SOWMYA, came to our house on the evening of Sep 10, 2006. Initially for the first few minutes, she was a wee-bit hesitant to come to us. Strange faces, strange voices, strange ambience from what she was used to for the past 3 1/2 months made her to paste herself onto her mother only.
But that was for an hour or so. Then, she started flashing her trade-mark bewitching, enticing smile. And with that, the floodgates opened up. I took her in my arms and I entered a new world, a world where only unlimited bliss exists. Words can't describe my feelings. Heavenly.
Next morning, she woke up by 5-45AM, and needless to add that I too got up and was ready by that early hour. What an open-mouthed smile ! The next 90 minutes were a pleasurable treat for both me and Vijaya.
This continued the whole day. The bond between the child and us grew stronger and stronger every second, every day. Whenever we happen to go near her, there would be that flashing smile - and you won't be a human if you don't take her in your arms then and there. If you paused even for a few seconds, then she will start her "chella sinungal" (naughty-naughty playful whimpers) and make you take her. Vijaya had missed many cooking moments because of this sweet temptation, called Sowmya. Cooking and other such chores lost their priorities, naturally.
This continued for 20-25 days, days of pure, unalloyed happiness. We took our darling Princess to Marina beach, to Kapaaleeswarar Koil, and she enjoyed all the outings. Then, on 7th Oct, she left for her Nana - Nani house at Adyar and a pall of gloom spread over us.
The house is very much "sanitised" now (did you know the dictionary meaning of "sanitise" ? Unwelcomely clean !!) Yes, the house is indeed "unwelcomely clean" now - no rubber sheets here and there, no scattered toys, no "Langodus" on the floors, no urinations on my veshtis or Vijaya's saris, or Arvind's ironed shirts - Nothing! Do we enjoy this "clean" ambience? NO WAY.
Believe me, I CRIED uncontrollably when I typed the last two sentences and I had to pause for 5 minutes to get back to typing. Not joking.
Now tell me, HOW MUCH DOES 5-kg WEIGH?
12.15 noon on 10th Oct, 2006.
****** Waiting for Oct 11th when our other Princess ADITI will be here.

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