Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Granddaughter starts "swimming"

My second granddaughter, ADITI, now 5 months' old, started "swimming" yesterday (Nov 21, 2006) at 11AM.

The day started as usual and the child was playing and smiling as ever before. She slept at 1015 AM and woke up after 30 minutes. There was no inkling or hint as to what was to follow.

Suddenly at 11AM, she started moving forward - swimming, we call in Tamil. Quick strokes, and fast movements she was all over the place - suddenly and we couldn't believe our eyes ! We were at once as thrilled as the child herself was. So happy and excited. We informed the proud father about this fantastic development and he came running from office to watch his darling daughter move forward.

Thrilled and excited at her new-found skill, Aditi was all over the cot almost the entire day. It was a fantastic sight to behold. My things like my spectacles, wrist watch, torch light which were not touched by anybody all these years, came under sudden attack from this 6-kg toofan called Aditi. I was gently reminded that we should be ever watchful hereafter over this small bundle of energy.

Who tells the child that its time to start "swimming" ? Who decides the time and the day? Wnders and marvel.


On the right I am with my first granddaughter SOWMYA, 6 months' old. She too started swimming two days later, on Nov 23rd, 2006. Read my blog on this.

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