Friday, April 20, 2007

Aditi and Sowmya Growing

Both my granddaughters, ADITI and SOWMYA are growing fast. Their mischiefs (vizhamams), their newest adventures, learning of new tricks are growing by every hour.

Now that they are 10 and 11 months old, they have learnt to stand on their own tiny legs. While Sowmya stands up on her own, Aditi needs some support initially; once in the standing posture, Aditi starts dancing her bhangra steps. A fun to watch. Both of them have learnt to get down from cots, sofas - but still to learn how to get onto the cots etc. They both know to "climb" staircases.

Myself and my wife take Aditi for a walk in the evenings quite often. She enjoys these outings. With most curious eyes she will look here and there, at the birds, trees, flowers etc. She would wave her hands at all the passers-by. If she sees a child on the way, she would be excited much more and she would start "talking" to the child.

Children are a pleasure to grow with.

10-15 AM on 20 April 2007

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