Sunday, April 01, 2007

Aditi - Sowmya on the Card ...

Last month (March 2007) when I was browsing the ICICI bank's website, one thing caught my attention - the offer of printing a picture (photo) of our choice on the Credit Card as the background.

Immediately, I uploaded the photo of my choice - you got it right, a photo of my two darling Peththis Aditi and Sowmya. The bank took about 3 weeks to process it but finally I received the picture card on 16 March 2007. I was so thrilled to see my granddaughters' smiling faces on the card.

Now I have used the card thrice, flashing it with a pride that only a grandfather would understand. Needless to add, the salesgirls at the counter are so impressed with the babies - they swipe the card with a large smile on their faces ! The happiness is mutual and contagious.

For obvious reasons I am not posting the photo of the Card !!

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