Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My two granddaughters - now standing

My two granddaughters, Aditi and Sowmya are growing into lovely little darlings. The last time I wrote about them in Dec 2006, they were just managing to "sit" or "squat" - with the help of others.

Then the transition came about fast and quick - suddenly one day, they both started sitting on their own and then started moving about the house. Now it is increasingly becoming difficult to catch up with them! My, how fast they move!

Recently, they started standing - holding onto something. And they move about holding this and that. Anything, be it a cot, sofa, centre table, even a fridge - they catch hold of this prop and stand. And take all the things that are on the cot or table - the most favourite being my spectacles. They both have a fancy for this.

Of late, they try to stand on their own. Sowmya can get up on her own and stand. But, Aditi has to be helped out. However, Aditi has more balancing powers (!) and stands for more time than Sowmya. It is a pleasure to watch the babies growing day by day. Thank you God.

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