Saturday, June 18, 2011

Aditi's 5th birthday - 17-06-2011

Aditi's 5th birthday was celebrated on 17 June 2011, at our sontha veedu Thiruvanmiyur. This is the first function that we celebrated in the new house since entering here twenty days ago. Arvind and Krithika organised it with hard work and meticulous planning.  Their efforts made it a grand show. Their colleagues attended it. Aditi wore her new dress, in yellow.

The house was spruced up and the first batch of guests arrived by 7-30PM. More guests later, Aditi cut the cake at 8-00PM. The cake was from Cake Walk, 2nd Avenue, Besantnagar. A-K had ordered the food from a caterer-mami - Sambar sadam, chappati, dal, raitha, urulaikizhangu roast, appalam, thayir sadam, urugai was the menu. Fresh fruit juice, Rasagolla and Ice cream were brought from Besantnagar. Including us, there were 26 persons.

A fish-bowl with two Gold fish was the star present for Aditi.

By 9-45PM the guests had left; thus, we had a nice, satisfying, fabulous birth day party today. Arun made a very brief visit before proceeding to Central station.

May God bless Aditi.

10:45 AM

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