Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sowmya, Sriram at their new school.

The new school and the new academic year for Sriram (Pre-KG) and Sowmya (UKG) began on Monday, the 20th June 2011. The school is located within the SIPCOT, Siruseri, on the OMR, 4 km inside. SIPCOT is about 5 1/2 km from Arun's house, so they travel nearly 10 + 10 km daily.

The school starts at 0815; for Sriram it is upto 1000 AM; for Sowmya it goes upto 2-45 in the afternoon. As i said earlier, for Aditi,the school is from 0830 to 2-30 PM. Poor children.

God bless.


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